Friday, April 21, 2006


To See the Forrest . . .

Pat Hayes has an excellent profile of Barbara Forrest, her testimony at the Dover trial and the history of the ID movement over at his blog, Red State Rabble:
One interesting titbit:

Richard Thompson, the lead attorney for the Thomas More Law Center, which describes itself the sword and shield for people of faith, went to extraordinary lengths to prevent the soft-spoken Forrest, a professor of Philosophy at Southeastern Louisiana University, from testifying as an expert witness for the plaintiffs in the Dover intelligent design trial last fall.

In June, before the trial began, Thompson flew to New Orleans to take Forrest's deposition. As attorneys, witness, and stenographer met in the offices of a local law firm for the deposition, Forrest was surprised to find that Thompson had intelligent design activist William Dembski in tow.

Dembski, who was himself to have been an expert witness for the defense, sat in on the early stages of her deposition. He was brooding presence, Forrest recalls, and extremely hostile.

"I just did my Southern magnolia routine on him," says Forrest, "and made him shake my hand."

No wonder they were so scared of her that they moved legal heaven and Earth to have her excluded as a witness in Dover.

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