Monday, June 19, 2006


Ignorance is Strength

There is an article on the rumored but supposedly impossible independent candidacy of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for President of the United States, which is based on his alleged hint that he would run in that he denied any such intent but at the same time acknowledged that such a denial is just what you'd expect if he was running.

And if that isn't amusingly Byzantine enough for you, you can consider the less humorous but more "Bizzaro" statement:

A recent New York Times editorial noted how "the button-down chief executive suddenly became the master of the explosive sound bite," calling gun control legislation in Washington "God-awful" and intelligent design theory "creationism by another name."

Now, it is pretty clear that Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat who ran as a Republican mainly because it was easier to obtain the nomination that way, and who is barred by term limits from running again, is now merely taking the opportunity, since his landslide reelection, to use his bully pulpit to say what he couldn't say before.

Setting aside gun control, when did saying ID is creationism become "explosive?" When William Dembski is touting Ann Coulter's latest as accurate on the subject of ID (proudly taking credit for that), where she sets out to make a fortune labeling anyone who accepts the science of evolution as "Godless," what the heck else could ID be but religion?

Tomorrow's lesson: The NSA's new motto: Freedom is Slavery.
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