Sunday, June 25, 2006


The Light Grows Dimmer

In a trend being noticed in financial circles, creationism, in the form of the Intelligent Design movement, is now sprouting in Germany.

[U]nlike some of the American "intelligent design" groups, Germany’s most vocal "intelligent design" advocates, Wort und Wissen ("Word and Knowledge"), so far are not trying to make creationism a part of the school curriculum. German educators don’t expect this debate to become "a major issue," either.

Of course, several years ago, few Americans thought things could’ve gone as far as they did, too. In Germany and Europe generally, things are just getting warmed up – but they are warming up fast. Just in May, German chancellor Angela Merkel said that, "…God and the Christian belief should be included into the EU constitution" – a statement that could "potentially reopen one of the most bitter debates surrounding the drawing up of the document four years ago" (EUobserver).

The article, by a stock trading advice organization has this to say about the roots of this upsurge:

One key ingredient for creationism to become a prominent topic in Germany seems already in place – namely, society’s growing polarization on the subject of religion. ...

There is a moral polarity developing in the world. On one hand are the anything-goes amoralists and artists pushing the envelope, and on the other are the we-want-to-control-you moralists – religious, social and economic – and the soaring popularity of fundamentalist religion worldwide. Even creationism is making a comeback.

Connecting these phenomena with bear markets may be more than a little questionable, but it is hard to see how a move by American-style creationism, with its anti-intellectualism and anti-Enlightenment politics, into the European Union can be good news for the West.

The next big question may be whether to start learning Mandarin or Cantonese.
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