Friday, June 09, 2006


Monumental Book Sales

Ed Brayton, over at Dispatches From the Cultural Wars, is rightfully slapping Rob Crowther of the Discovery Institute around for more distortions about Judge Jones in the wake of his (to them) devastating decision in the Kitzmiller v. Dover School Board case.

My guess is that sales of their group whine, Traipsing Into Evolution, must be (deservedly) slow and they are trying to hype it in hope that proceeds might at least partially offset the losses they have probably seen in fund raising since the Debacle in Dover.

Amusingly, Crowther accuses the Judge of hubris because he saw the case as "monumental." He (tries to) ridicule the Judge by asking if he was aware of the fact that the case is only binding in the Middle District of Pennsylvania. But there Crowther is, in the same post, peddling the very book they rushed out (in an attempt) to refute this allegedly insignificant decision.

Once again the denizens of the DI show that they are tone-deaf to irony or to reality or both.
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