Friday, July 28, 2006


Expletive Deleted

Casey Luskin is over at the Discovery Institute's blog, Evolution News & Views, whining again about Judge Jones' "error" in supposedly stating "that ID has published zero peer-reviewed publications."

Casey appends the "The Talk Origins Bumper Sticker" shown here. Casey dredges this up because he claims that an article at the Talk Origins Archives cited by John Derbyshire supports their claim about the Judge above. I'll have more to say about this misrepresentation later but for the moment, the funny thing is, if you click on the sticker at the DI's site, you are taken to this pdf file that says:

The TalkOrigins Bumper Sticker. How to Use:

(1) Print the Graphic Below on a Sticker,
(2) Slap it on your Car,
(3) Liberally Cite to Infallible TalkOrigins URLs in E-mails, Blog Posts, Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms, etc.,
(4) Self-Assuredly Roam the Internet as a "TalkOrigins Expert," and
(5) Make Snide Comments and / or Call "Creationists" all kinds of Nasty Names!

Would it be a snide comment to point out that that they are getting all snippy about what "TalkOrigins Experts" are saying about creationists?

But, hey, Casey! Thanks for letting us know our efforts aren't wasted!

Yep, you know the website is doing its job when the DI starts whining like a four-year-old.

Whoever put that pdf together seems to know roughly as much about grammar ("cite to"?) and capitalization as your average creationist knows about biology.
Ironically Mr. Pieret, your tone towards Casey seems to be proving all of his points about how TalkOrigins people behave!
What? Only "TalkOrigins people" (whoever the heck they are) react to dissembling, misrepresented motives and outright lies with disdain? I think not.

If Luskin and his lot want to be treated with respect, they have a simple expedient to achieve that end: stop being dishonest!

I'll be happy to support an honest attempt to present philosophical and religious arguments to public high school students as a counterbalance to what some people see as the corrosive influence of evolutionary theory, as long as the effort is presented in the proper forum: philosophy and comparative religion courses.

What I won't do is treat liars as if their arguments deserve serious intellectual consideration.

Pretending that the Discovery Institute is entitled to the same consideration as people trying to make honorable arguments in support of their real goals is itself a lie I will not endorse.
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