Thursday, July 06, 2006


ID's Right Brain Goes Wrong

In an amusing little coincidence, the day after I wrote about Jonathan Jones' article, "Ways of seeing," that contends that the downfall of Italian Renaissance science is connected with the decline of Italian art, we have this, you should pardon the expression, revelation about an "ID Arts Initiative," courtesy of John Lynch at Stranger Fruit. Remembering that one of the goals listed in the Discovery Institute's Wedge Document was to see the fine arts influenced by "design theory," Lynch gives an account of Dennis Wagner's vision of "the Right-Brain approach to intelligent design."

Wagner gives three examples of "ID art" that can be seen at Stranger Fruit. Let's just say that the best art has the least to do with design. And the selection of a cartoon depicting ID as the Visigoths storming the walls of Academia is just jaw-droppingly clueless.

At least the baroque Rome of Urban VIII had Bernini to ease the pain of the decline. Intelligent Design can only offer cartoons.
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