Thursday, July 13, 2006


A Schmear for Your Bagel?

Jack Krebs, president of Kansas Citizens for Science, who has done yeoman's work in fighting the Kansas School Board's unscientific standards (see link on left to contribute), has a strange complaint to this East Coast liberal effete snob's ears. Krebs alleges that John Calvert, managing director of the Intelligent Design Network, has been promoting the claim that anyone who believes in evolution is an atheist.

I think it’s a smear campaign because everybody knows there are an awful lot of people who do believe that evolution is atheistic and that they are trying to tar us and other people who accept the committee’s standards as atheists.

Now the claim is clearly wrong . . . I'd go so far as to say that, if Mr. Calvert has been spreading that idea around, his options for explaining himself narrow down to his admitting to be an idiot or a deliberate liar.

But is being an atheist something so disreputable or so lacking in moral character as that the mere unsupported charge constitutes a smear?

I think we may have identified the problem with Kansas.

Good point.

Hey, I was reading about how both the Koran and the Bible teach that Adam & Eve became "aware" after eating the forbidden fruit. This suggests being naked and unaware was a good thing. In this case, shouldn't Christians, Muslims and Jews be encouraging nudity? Might make trips to church more interesting.
Strangely, the members of those groups who are most unaware also tend to be the ones most against nudity. Must have something to do with the Fall . . .
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