Tuesday, July 18, 2006


With Friends Like These . . .

So far, I have laid off Kent Hovind's latest problems with the law. Tromping on Hovind now has much in common with "sports" involving fish, barrels and sticks of dynamite.

But now that he has plead not guilty "under duress," (for no doubt totally unconscious humor purposes), I just want to note that once when he was questioned about whether he really had the money to pay the $250,000 offer he had (bogusly) made, he said "A wealthy friend of mine has the money in the bank."

I guess we all know who that "friend" was now.

How old do you suppose that pic of Hovind is? (I recognize it as being off his website). The news photo of him arriving at court doesn't look nearly that young and suave.
Suave? Looking like Opie Taylor all grow'ed up make you look suave?

[Actually, I snitched it off John Stears fine site, No Answers in Genesis!]
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