Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Crystal Gazing

Conservatives in Kansas have not proven to be the best prognosticators around. For instance:

In Wichita, Cindy Duckett is campaigning for the five conservatives on the Aug. 1 ballot.

“I don’t think we’re going to lose any seats,” she said. “As we’ve seen before, I think conservative voters are motivated; moderates aren’t.”

And why is that?

“Where do conservatives gather?” Duckett said. “They gather in church. They meet, they talk, they get motivated. Now, where do moderates meet?”

She paused.

“That’s just it,” Duckett said. “They don’t. They may go to church, but they’re not motivated by church.”

On the other hand, we can but hope that Connie Morris is better at it than Duckett. The otherwise clueless Morris had a prediction devoutly to be wished:

Morris said she expects that if the conservatives are defeated at the polls, “the science standards will be removed within an hour” of the new board’s first meeting.

Good riddance and all that . . .


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