Friday, August 25, 2006


Not Enough . . . Not By a Long Shot!

Ann Coulter is stunned!

No, Tasers don't explain those books of hers . . . it seems that she is shocked . . . shocked, I say . . . that she could go through 12 years of public school, then college and law school, and still not know that it was Charles Darwin's theory of evolution that fueled Hitler's ovens.

But I have the answer to her confusion! Despite her 12 years of public school, then college, then law school and then years more learning how much money she can earn by intellectually pickpocketing the mouth-breathing set, she has still not been told THE TRUTH!

Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence fueled Hitler's ovens!

Think about it! Without the Declaration of Independence and the encouragement its Enlightenment rationalism gave to the French Revolution, there never would have been a Terror. The Terror was the first systematic attempt to use the power of the state, through mass murder, to reduce human politics to a mechanistic science of behaviorism through intimidation. As Madison Smartt Bell wrote in his book, Lavoisier In the Year One:

The pseudoscientific, pseudo-algebraic methodology of the Terror ... injects its banality into evil during the Nazi regime, by allowing men like Eichmann to practice genocide ...

There you have it! Proof positive in a quote from a Jeffersonist that AMERICAN DEMOCRATIC IDEALS CAUSED THE HOLOCAUST!

Some people, such as Ellis Weiner, claim Jesus caused the Holocaust.

But he shows that he is just a conspiracy nut by trying to blame Ann Coulter on Jesus too. Some things nobody can swallow!

Don't forget to thank D. James Kennedy as often as you can on the web for bringing the important truth to light that America caused the Holocaust. After all, without him I never would have stumbled across this amazing fact!

You can just go ahead and give him all the credit and leave my name out of it.

Has anyone done a comprehensive search on Coulter's public utterances to see if she ever mentioned God, Jesus, or Christianity in any positive sense before she started publicizing Godless? By "positive" I mean "other than something to bash liberals with".
Not that I am aware of. But if someone has or does, is there a suitable medal for bravery in the face of overwhelming sewage that we could award that courageous soul?
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