Thursday, August 03, 2006


Of Oxen and Goring

The antievolutionists are taking their defeat in Kansas as well as we'd expect. Besides the attempt by the Discovery Institute to downplay the result, the conservative board members are saying things like this:

Some members of the state school board, who supported the guidelines and were not up for election, seemed frustrated at the prospect that the board would once again revisit the guidelines.

“If the liberals take over in January, which appears likely, then I am going to have very little to say about it,” said Steve E. Abrams, the board chairman.

Kathy Martin, a board member and supporter of the standards, said: “I assume we will go back over that stuff. I don’t see a need for it, but there you have it.”

Hmm . . . did they say the same thing in 2004 when they regained the majority? Why did they bother to revisit the 2001 standards that won wide praise in the scientific and educational community?

Shoe, meet other foot . . .

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