Tuesday, August 08, 2006


On a Museum Wing and a Prayer

The Neanderthal Museum, as part of the 150th anniversary of the first specimen of H. neandertalis, is hosting a joint prayer service of Catholics and Lutherans.

Gerd-Christian Weniger, director of the Neanderthal Museum, said Tuesday today's German Christians accepted evolution, but often asked how they could reconcile this with the biblical 'mystery of creation'.

The September 16 service will not be a memorial to the individual whose bones were found in a cave at the site in August 1856, but simply an occasion to contemplate the advances of science under the motto, 'Garden of Eden or Evolution?' ...

Some US Christians insist the biblical story of creation is literally true and reject evolution and Weniger said there had been campaigns in at least two European nations, Serbia and Italy, to put creationism on the school syllabus.

'Neanderthals are a highly political topic,' he said.

And here I thought they were a science topic.

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