Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Uncommon Conceit

Wild Bill Dembski is all aflutter over an author's signature.

It seems that, back before Bill got cold feet about being potentially subject to the penalties of perjury in the Dover case without his own attorney to advise him, he sat in on the deposition of Barbara Forrest to advise the defendant's attorneys from the Thomas More Legal Center. He brought along a copy of Forrest’s book, Creationism’s Trojan Horse (coauthored with Paul Gross), to the deposition and asked her to sign it.

She signed it:

To Bill, with
my thanks,
Barbara Forrest
June 7, 2005

Bill seems to think there was some deep design in those few words. He expresses surprise that, instead of signing it with some hateful diatribe against him (projection, anyone?):

She thanked me. Why was that? Because, at a deep level, she realizes that her professional advancement (she is now an endowed professor — she was largely unknown, like O’Leary, before entering this debate) and, indeed, her reason for having any sort of intellectual career worth talking about is that she has become a principal opponent of ID.
Bill seems to be under the delusion that this old-fashioned "Southern magnolia" (as she calls herself), with a trunk of titanium steel, would actually allow a twerp like him rattle her into being anything but absolutely ladylike. It is to laugh!

And as it happens, there is all the evidence necessary to fully exhibit Dembski's cluelessness over at Ed Brayton's blog, Dispatches from the Culture Wars. It seems Mike Hopkins had a copy of the book signed by Forrest some time before Bill's and Ed turned up another. Both were signed in almost identical fashion, neatly demonstrating that it was just a repetitive phrase she used for autographing books. Ed's comment, "I guess Dembski isn't so good at discerning purpose and teleology as he pretends, eh?" is more than just funny.

It's a good thing Bill's back in Texas where they can accommodate his head.

She's been shooting down ID for a while, and Dembski seems to think he's provided her with a gun and ammunition, when in fact all he's done is put up targets.
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