Wednesday, September 20, 2006


A Crying Shame

Okay . . . for some reason I can't get You Tube to allow me to upload videos to here. Presumably I haven't sacrificed the proper goat (or is that only good to get scuzzy chains to work?). Anyway, you'll just have to click on regular old links.

The reason you'll want to do that is that You Tube has quite a few clips (and one ABC News story) from and about the new documentary, Jesus Camp, that I mentioned before. It includes the trailer from the film and an ABC News story about it.

As I noted before, the camp's Minister, Becky Fischer, comes across on the printed page in the reviews of the film as very scary and, in fact, morally, if not legally, a child abuser.

Well, the reviews don't do her justice folks! Watch this clip where she bemoans the fact that Muslim children are being sent to camps that teach them to use hand grenades, suicide bomb belts and machine guns and that make them willing to kill themselves for Islam. But what she is decrying isn't that sort of cruelty but the fact that Christians aren't matching the madmen who pervert children that way! She wants to see children as "committed to the cause" of Jesus Christ as those and as willing to "lay down their lives for the gospels" as suicide bombers and terrorists.

What's the Bible's shortest verse?

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