Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Dry Wells

Jonathan (Wishing) Wells has scaled the heights of bad argumentation and delivered another milestone in the history of inanity. PZ Myers and Ed Brayton are doing the honors of kicking in the teeth of Wells latest effort but I find myself so utterly flabbergasted that I just have to chime in on this bit. According to Wells, "Darwinists" should be afraid because an interesting new study shows important results on the development of the human brain and its genetic differences from chimpanzee brains, which:

... implicitly acknowledges that the evidence for Darwinism was never as overwhelming as its defenders claim.
In other words, when we discover evidence that supports evolution, we are really disproving it because it shows we didn't know everything about it before.

Maybe we should check to see if all humans differ that much from chimpanzees ... and who has the advantage.
P.S. Also see Car Zimmer's post at The Loom for a lucid explanation of how the theory of evolution led the researchers to even look at this important gene despite the fact that it does not make a protein.

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