Thursday, September 28, 2006


Radio Active

Tom Sawyer (no, not that one) is running for the seat on the Ohio Board of Education presently held by Deborah Owens Fink, one of the leaders of the faction that snuck ID into the Ohio standards under the "teach the controversy" ploy. You can now see Sawyer on You Tube.

Perhaps more revealing of what is at stake in the election is this report being circulated by Sawyer's campaign that Owens Fink was on a local religious radio broadcast by the What's Right What's Left ministry where, besides the usual antievolution babble, one of the participants gushed:

If you are Christian, vote for Debbie. If you believe in evolution, abortion and sin, vote for Sawyer.

(Sawyer's campaign said: "as a campaign for State School Board we are in favor of teaching evolution and take no position on abortion. As for sin, we are agin' it.")

But my, my . . . it was only a month or two ago that other supporters of Owens Fink were expressing surprise that Sawyer was being asked to run.

The board got rid of the [ID] language back in February, so I'm not sure why the Democrats are that anxious to replace Deb," said [chemist Robert] Lattimer, who served on the writing team that wrote the science standards.

There wouldn't be a little stealth campaigning going on here, now would there? And, if so, how does that fit into that "sin" thing again?
Is there any reason to ask that question any more?

I saw this same report on Red State Rabble, and have been hunting an MP3 or podcast of it. Do you know of one?

Unfortunately not. I should explain how I got this story ... a member of Sawyer's campaign has been emailing bloggers who have commented on the race as a clever way of getting Sawyer's positions out there. I assume Pat Hayes is also getting them, since he has blogged on a number of the topics from the emails.

Anyway, the campaign said they could not find a MP3 or podcast and I poked around a little myself but couldn't find any. I was a little leary of using it but decided that it sounded about right for Owens Fink and went with it. It didn't hurt that it was a slow day in creationland.
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