Monday, October 02, 2006


ID Confidential

Now here I was just talking about ID offering excuses rather than results and who should chime in but the president of the Discovery Institute himself, Bruce Chapman! It seems that ...

They have research going on that will knock our socks off but it's Top Secret!

ID researchers are being harassed but their names are Top Secret! . . . except for Francis Beckwith, who isn't a researcher and who was being harassed by the faculty at a Baptist University ... he's not Top Secret.

There are other areas of science with stacked tenure committees and rigged peer-review processes but which ones and where are Top Secret!

There's a lot that is happening, and it’s exciting but it's Top Secret!

I'd tell you what I think about this but it's ... X Rated!
Is there really anyone left who falls for this?
P.S. Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars does an excellent job of showing just how empty this drivel is.

Is there really anyone left who falls for this?

Sadly, there's "overwhelming evidence" to the affirmative.
I'm sure they are just afraid that if they let anyone no about their research, then every biologist out there is going to rush out and try to scoop them.

Yeah, that's it. They don't want anyone else to publish their amazing results first.
Now they are boradcasting cowardice. What an admirable position.
[T]hey are just afraid that ... every biologist out there is going to rush out and try to scoop them.

Yeah, but isn't the best thing to do then to rush right out and hold a press conference the way Fleischmann and Pons did with cold fusion? If they wait around until their papers are ready for peer-review, all those sneaky biologists are just going to steal their thunder!
I wrote a post about Dembski's new site, OverwhelmingEvidence. Turns out that the site is not only a mirror of UD, but also a vanity mirror for Dembski.
But, but . . .

Beckwith got tenure at Baylor a week or so ago. When I went to Right Reason and noted the ID nuts couldn't use Beckwith to argue any more that creationists are persecuted, they came rather unglued.

Let me repeat: Beckwith got tenure. His orignial denial of tenure was not based on his advocacy of bad law in favor of ID, from all accounts.

Beckwith has not been persecuted by his employer.

(See note of tenure here:
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