Wednesday, October 11, 2006


More Educational Success

More reason for school celebration!

Hot on the heels of the decision concerning the science curriculum in Michigan comes a vote in Ohio to stop a committee's consideration on a replacement to the stealth-ID lesson plan the board eliminated in February and end the debate over teaching evolution, at least for now.
The suggested guidelines were for teaching "controversial topics" and would advise students to form judgments using "critical analysis." In short, they were more of the ID replacement ploy of injecting unwarranted doubt into science education. They feigned "balance" by broadening the subject areas to which critical analysis was to be applied. It was pure coincidence, of course, that the other subjects floated, global warming, cloning and stem-cell research, are also bĂȘte noires of the radical right.

Anyway, 14 to 3, the board voted to set aside further debate on this "replacement" policy. That is not the end of it, as might be expected. Co-chairman of the committee, Michael Cochran, said he would keep the debate alive:

I will guarantee you that as long as I am chair of the committee, it's gonna be on the agenda next month.
It seems that these "values candidates" don't include democracy among the values they want to bring to government.

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