Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Reading Light

The NCSE has a new resource at its website that is most valuable: the Kitzmiller Legal Documents Archive, which is:
... an online archive of all public legal documents filed in the Kitzmiller v. Dover case. Over 300 filings were made in the case, and this does not include exhibits and other documents.

Legal rulings, briefs, etc., are U.S. government documents and so free redistributable. Exhibits of consisting of governmental documents are also public; however, books and articles retain copyright so they are not included here, although the exhibit lists used in the case are available.
Among the pleasures of the archive is that you can now read for yourself William Buckingham's veracity challenged testimony at his pretrial deposition where, among other things, he testified:

Q. The school district received a number of copies
...of the book Of Pandas and People, correct?
A. Yes.
Q. Do you know how many copies?
A. I've been told there were 60. I haven't seen
Q. Do you know where that came from, who donated
A. No, I don't.
Q. You have no idea?
A. I have thoughts, but I don't know.

- Deposition of William Buckingham, January 3, 2005, p. 57

And compare it to his trial testimony:

Q. Now, let's talk about that donation. Pandas and People
...was donated to the school district. Right?
A. Yes.
Q. No taxpayer funds were involved?
A. That's true.
Q. And, in fact, you took up a collection at your church
...for Pandas and People. Right?
A. Not as such I didn't, no.
Q. Well, you did take up a collection at your church.
A. Money was donated, but I didn't ask for it.
Q. You stood in the front of your church, in the Harmony
...Grove Community Church, and you made a statement
...that you were accepting donations for the book Pandas
...and People. Correct?
A. No, I didn't. I'm sorry, I did say that,
...but there was more to it.

Indeed there was.


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