Saturday, October 28, 2006


The Real Moral Degenerates

A party that has nothing affirmative to offer voters besides an incitement to hate deserves no votes.
With those words Jim Chen exposes the empty heart of American politics and the hypocritical pretense made by some to "moral values" while they use the recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision allowing gays and lesbians legal rights equal to other committed couples to leverage ill will toward a minority into electoral advantage.

The most obvious analogy supporting legal recognition is Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967). It's such an obvious analogy that it is futile to cite any of the hundreds, thousands of sources that make the connection. But just because an argument is obvious does not make it wrong. In this instance, the Loving analogy is complete.

I take Loving personally. It was decided before I reached six months of age. I came of age in the geographic center of the American region that historically sanctioned extraordinary, even violent, measures to prevent even the hint of interracial mingling. I was born where all my immediate ancestors had been born themselves, an island at the eastern edge of World Island. My wife traces most of her ancestry to an island at the western extreme. The suggestion that these circumstances of ancestry, none of which either of us chose or could ever control, could bar us from being married is singularly offensive.

And so too is the suggestion that the sex of the members of a committed couple should determine that couple's entitlement to full recognition and protection under the law.
The irony is, if the way to political power in this country is incitement to prejudice and appeals to loathing based on ignorance, any god worthy of the name will make sure of its destruction.

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