Sunday, October 22, 2006


Religious Designs

Two Discovery Institute Fellows, Dr. Walter Bradley (described as a co-founder of the Intelligent Design Movement) and Dr. Paul Nelson, along with Dr. Thomas E. Woodward, director of an evangelical teaching and discipleship ministry, the C.S. Lewis Society, are conducting an "Evidence of Design Conference" this November at Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater, Florida and Calvary Baptist in Tampa. According to the announcement:

While these events will be held at churches, the Evidence of Design Conference will be strictly non-denominational.
But will the conference be nonsectarian?

It will demonstrate practical steps to use design-evidence as a thoughtful bridge to skeptics who have been taught through Darwinian evolution that God is a myth. This conference will enable Christians and others to use simple evidence to demonstrate there is in fact a designer of life and that he is Jesus Christ.
It's not clear to me exactly who those "others" might be or why they are interested in showing that the designer of life is Jesus Christ, but we should all remember, as the Discovery Institute has often told us, that ID has nothing to do with religion.

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