Friday, October 20, 2006


Separating the Pseudo from Science

The American Sociological Association has joined the long list of scientific and educational organizations that oppose the inclusion of "Creationism and Related Religious Doctrines in U.S. Science Education."
The American Sociological Association (ASA) supports the teaching of science methods and content in U.S. public school curricula, and affirms the integrity of science education to include the teaching of evolution, a central organizing principle of the biological sciences that is based upon overwhelming empirical evidence from various scientific disciplines. ASA opposes proposals that promote, support, or advocate religious doctrines or ideologies in science education curricula. Religious doctrines and ideology include, but are not limited to, the non-scientific notion of “creationism,” including “intelligent design.” ...
Creationism, as a social movement and pseudoscientific cognitive process, is a legitimate topic for scientific examination (e.g., exploring social factors that influence social movements or documenting the social and behavioral correlates of cult beliefs). There are suitable curricular venues for teaching about these topics (e.g., contemporary social issues, sociology of religion, other behavioral science courses).
Ya gotta love that "cult beliefs."

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