Monday, October 16, 2006


Wild Bill's New Portrait

Denyse (Just call me "Deny") O'Leary is over at Christianity Today with a short piece about the recently published Festschrift for the Godfather of the Intelligent Design movement, Darwin's Nemesis: Phillip Johnson And the Intelligent Design Movement, where she claims:

Every few months, a wise head predicts the end of Intelligent Design—in time for the next uproar.

First of all, it is the creationists who have been busy predicting the demise of evolution for well over 150 years now, as documented at Glenn Morton's site. And, lo and behold, who should have just joined the long line of delusional folks who think evolutionary theory is going to disappear tomorrow but Denyse herself!
And nobody who is on the side of science against the anti-evolutionists think they are going anywhere anytime soon. It is our universal opinion that, at most, ID will mutate into some other form ... oh, say, like "teach the controversy," perhaps? ... just the way "creation science" mutated into ID with the help of a word processor back when Of Pandas and People was being concocted.
But if that is not enough to show how fast Denyse is losing touch with reality since she started hanging out with the ID crowd, she is also busy crowning Wild Bill Dembski as Phillip Johnson's "successor as informal leader of the id community."
Now, there's a good reason to think ID may be dead.

I see a picture of Boney. Are you suggesting that Dembski should be shipped to Saint Helena? :-)
Or maybe he could just use a bit of a stay in one of those places we ship most of our modern Napoleons. )8^P
Please make sure that those modern Napoleons are not shipped to Elba.

Though one suspects that just before the Dover trial that Dembski chose to visit the Bellerophon rather than be subjected to cross examination.
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