Thursday, November 16, 2006


Eternal Vigilance

As reported by the NCSE, "the 167th convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri adopted a resolution opposing the teaching of 'intelligent design' in the public schools." The official rational was:
The intent of this resolution is to resist the introduction of religion into the science curriculum of our public schools and to maintain the separation of church and state.
This could be a most helpful turn of events. As the NCSE notes, four bills have been introduced in the Missouri legislature in the past few years that are aimed at weakening (or worse) science education in the state. I analyzed the most recent one (and the one that came closest to having a vote) and it is not just an assault on evolutionary theory but on any science -- physics, astronomy, geology, etc., etc. -- that might contradict a literal interpretation of Genesis. The supporters of that bill have promised to bring it up again.
With their losses in the recent elections, ID advocates will be looking for any sign of complacency by the pro-science community where they might be able to slip some new legislation through. Having a statement like this cannot help but do some good.
Good science may have the same price as liberty.

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