Saturday, November 25, 2006


Locating Hate

PZ Myers (via Brock at Stupid Evil Bastard) and John Lynch have mentioned the Southern Poverty Law Center's nationwide roundup of hate groups by state.

My own state, at 19 groups and considering that it is third in the nation in population, is not doing too badly. It has one hate group for each 1,012,000 of its population. As PZ notes, California's 52 hate groups (1/695,000) and Texas' 43 (1/532,000) are bad but, his state of Minnesota, with 8 groups in a population of 5,132,799, falls between them with 1/642,000. Lynch's Arizona is worse than all of them with 1/396,000.

But, without going through all 50 states, South Carolina looks like the champ. With a population of only 4,255,083 but with 46 groups (three more than Texas, which has more than 5 times the population) South Carolina weighs in with one hate group for every 93,000 people.

I wish I had something profound to say about this, especially about how to make maps like this unnecessary, but I don't.

Very interesting is the Charles Darwin Research Institute in Michigan. It appears that they do just what creationists accuse those Nazi evilutionists of doing. Using Darwin to justify racism.

Ferrous Patella
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