Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Quote of Now and Then

Here is a good quote:
There is a widespread misunderstanding about the rule of law. All the O'Reillys and Schlaflys and Robertsons and Coulters work to create an impression that judges should operate personally, that they should make ad hoc or personal rulings or, worst yet, respond to public will. The truth is that article three of the Constitution is a bulwark against the public will.
In case you haven't guessed, that is U.S. District Court Judge John E. Jones, III. Continuing, he said:
This is one of the reasons I keep insisting that I'm not an activist judge. If I had come to a different conclusion and ruled that it was acceptable to teach religious material in school — thrown one for the team — then I would have been an activist judge. Activist judges are not desirable.
In his intelligence and his integrity, Jones shows just what a desirable judge is. And I'll still feel that way if his next ruling goes a way I don't like.

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