Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Up Off the Canvas

As reported by Red State Rabble, and Science, it was a pretty good night for science education. Tom Sawyer decisely beat Deborah (the National Academy of Sciences are "so-called scientists") Owens Fink and three other pro-science candidates won seats on the Ohio Board of Education, while only one pro-ID candidate was elected.
In perhaps the race with the most bizarre candidate, who proposed putting thick used textbooks under every desk for students to use in self-defense in the event of an invasion of the school by armed intruders, Bill Crozier went down to defeat in the Oklahoma Superintendent of Education race. The wholly disheartening aspect was that he actually got 37.4 percent of the votes.
Jim Rex has only the slimmest of leads over Karen Floyd for South Carolina State Superintendent of Education and will likely face a recount. Floyd is one of those public figures who drive the Discovery Institute nuts because she can't remember to say that the "critical analysis" ploy is not an attempt to mandate the teaching of ID.
And, of course, the biggest fish to fry, though the ID flap probably only played a small part, was Rick (you can call me "Sanctimonious") Santorum.
The biggest disappointment was that Don Weiss and Jack Wempe were unable to unseat John Bacon and Ken Willard on the Kansas Board of Education, therefore failing to increase the pro-science majority from 6-4 to 8-2. Still, overall, it was most satisfactory outcome for education. Heck, it was pretty good all around.

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