Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Quote of the Here and There

A foreign perspective:
In recent years, creationism has been rechristened "Intelligent Design" (or ID), because that sounds more like proper science, which is precisely what it isn't. ID is largely supported by religious zealots who believe they can best serve God by clashing with school boards and scientists, instead of, say, spreading peace and goodwill or loving their neighbours, neither of are half as much fun.
Durn if them furriners don't take the cake!
I am a Christian who believes God used evolution to create. In my mind this is a creationist idea as well. But in the area of theology Creationism and Intelligent Design are certainly not the same thing, although they both lack intellect in my mind. Creationism tends to rely on a literal 7 day creation as detailed in Genesis, while ID's tend to read Genesis in a metaphorical way, for example a day may be an age(a billion years or so). ID is trying to bridge the gap from seven dayers to evolution. Although they aren't the same, they will end up with the same conclusion.....wrong.
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