Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Bad Light from Above

Here's a surprise ...

-- Focus on the Family is not at all pleased with a documentary on evangelicals in America produced by Alexandra Pelosi, the youngest daughter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

"Ms. Pelosi describes her film as a lighthearted and nonjudgmental look at evangelical life in America. It is anything but," Gary Schneeberger, Focus on the Family’s senior media director, said Jan. 26. "Her camera comes with crosshairs -- and her sights are fixed on Christians. This is yet another hit piece created by big media to paint men and women of faith as kooky or scary -- or, best of all from the left’s perspective, both."

Hmmm, what might she have done to make non-kooky, non-scary people seem otherwise?

Schneeberger noted that most people who appear before Pelosi’s camera are shot in exaggerated close-ups, from low angles, so as to distort their features.

"The message here is, ‘There’s something not quite right with these people,'" he said.

But Pelosi, as the article and the documentary's web page both note, worked alone with a small hand-held camera, which probably has as much to do with the nature of the shots as any editorial policy. In any event, that's just an excuse. This is the real complaint:

"She feigns just enough interest in her subjects to get them to open up, and then makes sure she presents them in the most unflattering light possible.

Drat her! Actually getting people to open up and recording all their bits, flattering and unflattering! Somebody would think she was ... oh, I don't know ... making a documentary or somethin'. It wasn't like she knew that Ted Haggard was going to be caught with his ... um ... hand in the Fruit of the Loom jar just days after the documentary was finished.

To sum up Schneeberger's attitude, he seems to think it is some sort of insult to allege that Pelosi came from "the Michael Moore School of Documentary-Making."

Good blog. lol. "the Michael Moore School of Documentary-Making."
Thank you.
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