Thursday, January 11, 2007


Chastity Bible Belt

Continuing to correct the abuses of educational policy in Kansas during the recent past, the new moderate majority will also address the changes made to sex education by the old board:
In June, the board approved a policy stating that human sexuality classes should promote abstinence until marriage, while still giving students complete and medically accurate information about birth control and preventing sexually active transmitted diseases. It isn't a mandate, so districts don't risk losing their accreditation by failing to adopt it.

But the policy does require schools to get written permission from parents for students to participate in sex education courses. In most districts, students previously were automatically enrolled unless their parents objected in writing.
Society has the right to insist that its citizens be educated in basic health issues, including sex and contraception. It is an accommodation (and a not necessarily wise one) to the religious sensibilities of some people to exempt their children from such instruction. The very least that should be demanded of such parents is that they go to the trouble of asking for the exemption. Heck, maybe if they have to do that, they'll have second thoughts about imposing ignorance on their loved ones.
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