Monday, January 01, 2007


Parrot or Parody?

Damned if I can figure out whether this is a brilliant parody or the drooling babble of a loon but either way, I'd be advertising it widely if I was Ed Brayton!

The site is called The American Conservative and the article, by Michael Westfall, is "2007 New Years Resolution / Onward Christian Soldiers." Strangely, the article has almost nothing to do with how Christian Soldiers should be onwarding but, instead, is a rather diffuse complaint about bloggers of a certain stripe (that he inexplicably calls Left Be-Hinders) and Ed in particular.

Today the use of personal computers is one of the fastest growing areas of mass communication. This technology can be used for the good of humanity or in some cases small-minded warped individuals endeavor to use it to debase and alter Judeo-Christian values. There are now multiple radical "Left Be-Hinder" web sites that make a sport of attacking those who take a stand for decency.

Those people who choose to run these sites are convoluted flamethrowers who puke out their bankrupt values to their like-minded peanut gallery of predictable fellow puppet bloggers who in turn blindly chime in with their agreement, support and mockery of Christian principles.
Whew! Lord knows we have to be protected from any convoluted flamethrowers! In lieu of any real argument about Ed's views, Westfall just gives links to a number of people he apparently admires (the likes of Gary Bauer, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, James Kennedy, Donald Wildmon -- your know, the giants) and to some of Ed's posts pointing out the things they've done and said. While Westfall warns his intended audience that these "Left Be-Hinder links ... do contain "very" objectionable material," I can't imagine a better way to spread Ed's opinions than this list.

To those of you who think these "Left Be-Hinders" are not attacking your personal religious liberties and traditional culture, the ranting on their sites is clear growing evidence of why you are wrong. ... It seems incredible that we would have such a discussion today or that these small people would be taken seriously, but given the breakdown in our culture we must acknowledge such people.

In the end, the only thing that you can counter these people with is the truth in the Bible, even though they reject it, … there is nothing else.

The "Left Be-Hinders" know this, and therefore take out of context and condemn the people of faith as they fight, ignore, redefine and degrade God’s word. While they may be foolish, they are not stupid and while they may sometimes confusingly allude otherwise, like the ACLU, they are using every means possible to denigrate Christianity. ...

The meandering and bewildered "Left Be-Hinders’ " outcry today is "Death to the Bible!", "Death to God’s traditional Church!" and "Death to the future of decency and morality!"
As you can see, Westfall is hardy in a position to criticize the meandering and bewildered. But he has provided us with a handy list of some of Ed's better posts.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go and take my seat in the peanut gallery of predictable fellow puppet bloggers.
Update: I emailed Ed about Westfall's article and he has now responded.

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