Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Personal Exchanges

The fine-looking fellow to the right is standing next to the guy who just got a nice write-up at his home university.
Unbeknownst to us at the time, Larry Moran was sharing the same country as Richard Dawkins, threating a genecentric/antigencentric explosion far worse than any warp drive meltdown on Star Trek.
Disaster was averted and PZ came home with some nice pictures.

I don't know who Judy Riley, the author of the piece, is, but it's disturbing to see her refer to "a natural history museum in Kensington"; if she's one of PZ's students she should know better - if not she should have asked.
Ah, youth! History (natural and otherwise) tend to make no impression until you start to have one.

Robin, for those who don't know, helped prevent any additional spectacular traffic accident videos from showing up on our tvs by ferrying the visiting North Americans around during part of their stay, making sure they remained on the right ... er ... left side of the road.
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