Tuesday, January 16, 2007


See the Pretty Birdie

It seems there is this Iowa man who is supposedly on the verge of unlocking the "code of the universe." Despite being "self-educated," he claims to have "undeniable proof that the spectrum of light is hexadynamic, not the linear structure that it has been long believed to be."

[Allowing that to sink in ... two ... three ... four ... ]

Now one Santa Fe, New Mexico woman is suing another in state District Court for $2 million for allegedly holding DVDs of this genius hostage. The suer said she is applying for a patent on the man's concepts and further stated that he cannot because he has already published books about his ideas.

[... two ... three ... four ... ]

The other woman, a videographer, was hired to travel with the first woman to the man's hometown to record his ideas, apparently in aid of the patent application.

[... two ... three ... four ... ]

The man, 89 years old, agreed to talk about his ideas

... if a reporter would "stop calling them theories -- they're facts."

For example, he said his concept of "intelligent design" isn't a euphemism for Biblical creation, but rather looking at design as the product of the mind, not a physical property that can be measured. "You look at a desk or a chair or a cupboard, you see the design of it," he said. "The wood comes out of a tree, but you've never seen a tree that was growing tables and chairs and stuff like that."

In a self-published book, The Search for Intelligent Design, [selling for] for $30 each, he describes a six-sided atomic structure with parts linked to colors -- red for protons, green for "cosmic ray," blue for electrons, orange for the "energy packet," yellow for neutrons and violet for gamma rays.

"Nobody in this world today knows what I'm just telling you," he said. "This completely revises our science paradigm, and nobody knows that either, but when they do know it, this book is going to be pretty darn valuable."

[... two ... three ... four ... ]

While the videographer, who said she has worked on contract for scientific organizations, thinks the other woman is "a psycho con artist," she believes the man's ideas have merit.

The "kernel" of [his idea] is that "everything is in constant change," she said. "Darwin evolution and Newtonian physics are old paradigms. ... It's no longer survival of the fittest. We've evolved beyond that."

[... two ... three ... four ... ]

Hey! Maybe he's on to something here! I know that if I'm 89 years old and can get two women to cross state lines to visit me and wind up suing each other over what happens, I'll think I'm doing pretty good.
[... two ... three ... four ... ]

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