Thursday, February 22, 2007


American Gothic

Here is our politics at its most jaw-droppingly bizarre:

Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter [allow me: who???] has named Horry County, South Carolina, Auditor Lois Eargle as an advisor. Eargle boasted about her hard-line stance on illegal immigrants:

The former county GOP chairwoman said an illegal immigrant with three children came to her office this week asking for free legal help for an abused child.

"I told her the best thing for her to do was to get back to Mexico," Eargle said.
Yes, that's what she said ... an abused child! Just in case you might think the appointment was a horrible mistake on Hunter's part that he will be apologizing for throughout the rest of his brief campaign run, the California congressman is reported to have said that if a fence was not built along the Mexican border by 2009, as president he would ensure it was "built start to finish in six months."

Putting the ... uh ... finishing touches on his staff, Hunter also named Dr. Henry Jordan as one of his campaign co-chairmen. No doubt Hunter wanted to avoid being seen as merely an anti-Hispanic candidate. Jordan's headline-making disparaging comments about Muslims and Buddhists will lend some needed balance to Hunter's campaign.

As for the reason this all came to my attention:

Jordan said in May that science does not support Darwin's theory that man evolved from monkeys. He said students should learn "intelligent design" along with evolution.

"I mean you've got to be stupid to believe in evolution, I mean really," he told The Associated Press then.
Strangely, at that point Hunter denied knowing about Jordan's statements.
Too bad we can't deny responsibility for the whole sorry lot.

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