Thursday, February 15, 2007


Aping God

"TomS" over at the newsgroup makes a most interesting point about the similarities between the human body and the generic mammalian body. These similarities also happen to be the only things that are mentioned as "designed," including such things "the eye." In fact, we share the same "eye design" with many other mammals.

There are some of the "design" advocates who offer reasons for these similarities, such as "this shows that we share the same designer", or "this shows that there is a common purpose or a common material". This should be shocking to anyone who doesn't like being related to monkeys. It says that the designer either wanted us to be monkeys, or that the designer didn't care enough about us to make us markedly different, or that the designer had little choice. ...

[T]he arguments of ID are meant as "feel good" arguments. It makes people feel as if they are arguments against being related to monkeys. They have the superficial appearance of being "scientific", and against something or other uncomfortable. But they are not arguments against what is uncomfortable about evolutionary biology. If the entirety of the ID arguments were accepted, it wouldn't change a thing about being related to monkeys.
You can either be related to an ape or be something worth no more thought and effort than an ape.

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