Saturday, February 17, 2007


Discovery Dodos

The Ministry of Misinformation at the Discovery Institute is busily trying to counter the popularity of Randy Olson's movie, Flock of Dodos, by doing what they do best -- lying.
PZ Myers has been doing yeoman's work to document the dishonesty of the Disco Detachment. In the unlikely event that you haven't seen his posts on this latest festival of fraud before stumbling in here, go to his summary linked to above.

Dr. Olson can take comfort in the fact that the Seattle Slanderers reaction is always in direct proportion to the damage they perceive has been done to their crusade by their victim. Getting Judge Jones treatment, as Dr. Olson is now enjoying, is a sincere, if perverse, tribute to the effectiveness of his work.

But the Discovery Institute is sure showing why the dodo might just make a good mascot for their cause.

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