Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Isn't It Camels That Have Humps?

Shelley started it and PZ Myearshertz spread it around. PETA has this ... strange ... ad out that apparently is trying to get people as freaked about the treatment of chickens as they are about the thought of their parents bumping uglies.

You can actually find out the names of the Art Director and the Copywriter for this Freudian slip and fall here. I won't publish them, though, since I wouldn't want to embarrass their parents.

But PZ may have done the most damage:

[W]hat if every time you had sex you couldn't get dead chickens out of your mind?
And no matter what, don't think about an elephant!

Just for good measure, there is also Sarah Lucas' Chicken Knickers, from the collection of the Tate Museum.

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