Friday, February 23, 2007


Mind Blowed

Our favorite Georgia saltine is at it again.

To recap: a memo went out to legislators in several states in the name of Georgia State GOP Representative Ben Bridges that advocated that public schools be stopped form teaching evolution and giving the Web address to a site that warns of an international Jewish conspiracy to use scientific theories to destroy the Christian teachings of Earth's origins.

According to this story, Bridges now denies having anything to do with the memo, which was allegedly written by Marshall Hall, a retired high school teacher who is the husband of Bridges' campaign manager, Bonnie Hall.

This thing got blowed out of proportion. I didn't know (the memo) was going to be sent out, nor had I read (the memo). ...

I ain't guilty of anything. I regret the media made what they made out of it.
Bridges has introduced legislation every year for the past 11 years to curtail the teaching of evolution in public schools. None of them have even made it to the floor for a vote.

Bridges claimed that the media's job is to cause controversy that sells. He then delivered this giant irony:

I guarantee you telling lies and misleading the public has gone out and will catch up with you.
Which only raises the question of why he is still in the legislature.

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