Friday, February 09, 2007


More Science Classes

From the article "Witchcraft destroying the Catholic Church in Africa, experts say" from the Catholic Information Service for Africa:

Scholars from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) expressed concern that the church continued to dismiss the dark arts as mere superstition, thereby unwittingly helping the devil advance his reign. ...

Michael Katola, a lecturer in pastoral theology at CUEA, said from the African perspective Christianity does not seem to have answers to all questions. And while the church demonized traditional experts such as medicine-men and diviners, it has offered no equivalent alternatives, he added. "We have many Christians who go to consult fortune-tellers when they want to start a project or when faced with problems," he said. ...

"Witchcraft is a reality; it is not superstition," Katola said, adding that "many communities in Kenya know those powers exist in their midst."

Dissatisfied Catholics are swelling the ranks of the new evangelical movements, he said. "Many of our Christians seek deliverance, healing and exorcism from other denominations because priests do not realize they have redemptive powers," Katola said.

He said the responsibility of fighting witchcraft lies with the clergy, who should start by accepting the reality of the phenomenon. "If we don't believe in the existence of witchcraft as Satanism then we can not deal with it."

Maybe the next time Christoph Cardinal Schönborn is making the effort to lecture us Americans on our Constitution and our duty to use taxpayer money to teach what he admits is the religious concept of Intelligent Design in public school science classes, he can drop off a syllabus on how to teach Witchcraft Theory as well.

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