Monday, February 19, 2007


Overflow Alert!

The folks at the sewage facilities for Knoxville Tennessee should be on the alert for a sudden inflow.

A plan has been announced for the release of excessive amounts of bovine excrement into the environment around the Knoxville Convention Center come late March.

Specifically, various manure spreaders will be used to throw around great heaping gobs of intestinal discharge on the subject of the so-called "emerging scientific theory of intelligent design." That would be the "emerging scientific theory" which, for some reason, is only suitable for teaching in high schools, contrary to the standard practice, where new sciences are first explored in graduate studies, slowly work their way into university curricula and only then, once well tested and fully developed, start to appear in high school texts. Even then, ID only gets into high schools if it is politically mandated. ... That "emerging scientific theory" ...

But there is a head-snapping bit of accidental truth involved. The announcement prominently names among the speakers in favor of this "emerging scientific theory" one Lee Strobel, a journalist and bestselling author of ... wait for it ... The Case for a Creator. Let's see ... creator ... science ... um ... Creation Science, anyone?

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