Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Sunflower Blooms


Kansas, the state obsessed with rectangles, has rejoined, for the moment at least, the land of those who'd like their children educated in actual science, instead of a mere masquerade. Pat Hayes of Red State Rabble, who has been no small contributor himself in the fight to have his fellow Kansans at least wave at the 21st Century as it goes by, has a short appreciation for the people who worked so hard to make sure the young people in the state get a good education.

As Pat notes, this fight is far from over and you can be sure that the forces of the Righteous Right are already gearing up for the next election in 2008 in hopes that the rest of us will go to sleep again. I'm keeping Kansas Citizens for Science in my roll of organizations worthy of support. I urge everyone else to keep them in mind as well.

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