Wednesday, February 28, 2007


We Just Need More Legal Battles

That's what Ventura County California Board of Education trustee Ron Matthews replies when it is pointed out to him that the Supreme Court has already ruled that you cannot teach creationism in public school science classes.

The underlying issue is the choice of a a science textbook to be used by about 30 seventh-graders attending Gateway School, a school for students who have been expelled from other local schools or who are habitually truant or who are in juvenile hall.
Maybe Mr. Matthews would like to rethink the example he is giving those kids to the effect that even government officials are free to flaunt the law just because they don't like it.

Another Board member, Chris Valenzano, agrees with Matthews:

Valenzano would like the county to offer an elective class that would teach creationism, so that students who want to could learn that theory, too.
Then there was the inevitable "huh?" moment that comes part and parcel with these exercises:

Carl Olson, the father of a Simi Valley High School student, also spoke against the book, saying that it contains "factual defects."

Among the examples he presented to the board in a paper, Olson noted that on page 35 the book "has a label ‘electromagnetic radiation' with squiggly lines — which is not what electromagnetic radiation is."
One has to wonder just what representation of electromagnetic radiation Mr. Olson wants ... or, scarier yet, what he thinks electromagnetic radiation is.

From the Ventura County Star article, "Students know the history of life on Earth has been disrupted by major catastrophic events, such as major volcanic eruptions or the impacts of steroids."

Yep. Look how they impacted Barry Bonds life.

Ferrous Patella
But he only used them at half dosage ... meaning he's gotten all that grief from his hemi-roids.
Carl olson failed a court ordered sanity evaluation during the custody battle for his daughter which he , of course, lost. He is mentally unstable and makes a habit of outrageous claims. He had a history of spousal abuse and his former wife had to summon police several times as he threw her against walls etc. He is not someone to lecture on education.
Heh. I can't say I'm surprised, reading between the lines of this and a couple of other stories
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