Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Biography by the Book

At my new favorite site, Bookslut (you would not believe what you might be able to get me to do for the price of a good book), Barbara J. King has a review of Janet Browne's new entry in the Atlantic Monthly Press’s series called Books that Changed the World. Since Browne is the author of the definitive two volume biography of Charles Darwin, Voyaging and The Power of Place, it is easy to guess which book Browne drew: The Origin of Species.

Thanks to Darwin biographer Janet Browne, it’s compulsively readable, equally valuable to novice evolutionary thinkers and more seasoned Darwinists. Initially I’d feared being unable to dredge up lively interest -- after how many years of teaching this stuff! -- for another dip into the entrails of the Beagle voyage or the collection of Darwin-adored beetles, but in fact I learned new things and turned pages at an engaged clip.
Her few quibbles only add the spice of possible disagreement either with Browne or King. I'm not worried they'll run out over at Amazon. I've already ordered my copy ...

Good for people to know.
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