Friday, March 16, 2007


Coming By It Naturally

Pat Robertson has gone over to the enemy!

In the "Christian News 24/7" section of the website of his Christian Broadcast Network, he has endorsed a naturalistic, God-denying, "scientific" (falsely so-called) theory pretending to be "fact," that is nothing more than another materialistic atheistic assault on the eternal truths of the Bible.

Robertson misleads the faithful by reporting that:

Millions of children eat in school cafeterias that don't get the twice-yearly health inspections required by Congress ...

Inspections are meant to ensure cafeteria workers wash their hands properly and that they keep lunchtime staples like pizza hot or milk cold to prevent germs from growing.
Godless scientists will try to tell you that these so-called germs cause disease, even though no one has ever observed one of them actually making anyone sick. All Bible-believing Christians know that pestilence is inflicted on sinners directly by God. Just a few of the passages that prove this beyond doubt include Exodus 9:15; Numbers 14:12 and 2 Samuel 24:15.

It is a sad day for the faithful and for America when a former man of God turns to that Satanic whore of Reason to deny God His rightful place as the Creator of disease and pretend that He could be thwarted by merely washing hands! The next time someone tells you the lie about pestilence going from goo to flu by way of food, you just ask 'em:

Were You There?

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