Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Shown Up

The Missouri House of Representatives was considering a broad measure that would expand the ability of school districts to establish dress codes, dispense medications to students and use force to protect people and property. An amendment was temporarily adopted that would have stripped school districts of the power to prevent teachers from presenting their own opinions on issues in their classrooms.

House Minority Leader Jeff Harris, D-Columbia, warned the amendment would have involved the state in "the discussion of what can and cannot be taught in our classes - specifically, encompassing the teaching of intelligent design."
Originally adopted by a voice vote, the amendment was later removed from the bill by a vote of 142-8.

Rep. Brian Baker denied that he was trying to use his amendment to open the door to teaching intelligent design or creationism in public schools and asked that it be removed from the bill. ...

"The honest intent was to give the teachers some freedom to say these are some varying viewpoints that you can look at without being penalized for that," he said.
Uh huh. Anyway, the rush from the amendment may be indicative of a larger movement away from ID as a failed strategy.

Show me hopeful.

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