Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Two Sides to Every Argument

The Discovery Institute's Ministry of Misinformation is once again practicing the fine art of audiblizing from dualized aspects of their maxillary orifices.

The Disco Boys are complaining about a comment that was made to an article "Evolution is just as religious as Intelligent Design" by Aaron Vandenbos in the campus newspaper of Boise State University. It seems that Mr. Vanderbos thinks that "deliberately excluding non-naturalistic explanations" from science means it "wins the war" with ID "by default before it has even begun."

The comment, by someone who calls himself "B-Rad" (who does not identify himself as a "Darwinist" as the DI claims) says:

Stay in school and quit repeating the same tired claptrap that comes out of the Discovery Institute.

You say, "IDists, knowing that they are the underdog, are careful to be objective and factual." Are you kidding me? Rather than actually make a case with science, the ID community has instead chosen to employ sleazball PR tactics. The Discovery Institute itself has been proven to be a front for hard-line, fundamentalist Christians who don't like evolution and want the bible back in schools. Since the cigarette industry got outed in the 70s for this cute PR ploy, most reasonable people can see through the "Institute" charade.

Sorry an old PR dog like me has to call you on this, but someone must.
Now this is the same crowd who, when scientists do answer them, say:

As Paul Nelson has recognized, it's ironic when scientists issue press releases alleging they've refuted intelligent design (ID), supposedly resolving a scientific controversy they claim doesn't even exist.
In other words, if you answer the IDeologists, that proves there is a debate, if you tell them to shut up, that's censorship. Heads, they declare victory, tails they whine. The catch is having to decide which is more annoying to have to listen to.

On the other hand, you do occasionally get something like the amusement of watching Casey Luskin give a backhanded admission that ID does call for "non-naturalistic explanations" of the sort that Vanderbos candidly admits comes from God, when he asks "what if some supreme intelligence is the cause behind everything we see? What if God is the creator?"

Well, it means ID is dead as a ploy to get religion in public schools, that's what.


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