Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Buzzer Beater

OscilliscopeYou may well be asking who the heck is Jack Heckathorn to be telling Pope Benedict what Catholic theology should be.

Why, as he himself says:

What I am, is a Christian guy, off of the street, who has observed the churches and their activities over the years, because of my particular interest in God.
And let me say it shows.

Author of the book, Separation of Church and God, the Final Judgment, a self-published tome, his criticism of evolution is puerile:

Evolution is a belief, which is not provable, it is not science, and it is not even rational. Spontaneous generation would have to be a proven fact in order for evolution to even have a starting point.
It seems to have passed him by that, no matter what, in order for any of us to be here talking about anything, life had to have a starting point. Evolution is about what came after that start. Quote mining George Wald doesn't help his case much either.

But this is the topper:

Evolution is Satan's ace trump in causing people to turn away from God. That is it's only purpose.
Actually, it functions quite well as an idiot detector too. And, Jack, the buzzer just went off ... real loud.

P.S. In case you're thinking that any publicity is good publicity ... I spelled his name wrong.

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