Friday, April 20, 2007


Crankin' It Up!

Would these characteristics bring any group to mind?:
[R]esentment of academic 'elites', suspicion of the entire peer-review process in mainstream scientific journals and a deep-seated paranoia about the extent of government involvement …
If "creationists" come to mind, you're close! There is reportedly a "burgeoning underground of 'dissident' scientists and self-described experts [who] publish their theories in newsletters and blogs on the Net, exchanging ideas in a great battle against (… wait for it …) 'the temple of relativity'."

That's right … forget Darwin! … the real scientific charlatan was Albert Einstein!

Bryan Gaensler, a professor of physics at the University of Sydney, notes:
… there has just begun a new series of conferences, held by anti-relativity cranks, called 'Crisis in Cosmology'.
A "crisis" in a widely accepted scientific theory generally considered the backbone of its field? Where have I heard that before? Don't tell me … it'll come to meany second now.

Gaensler continues:
I think the first one was held in Spain and they're planning another. It looks exactly like a legitimate scientific conference, with the difference that everyone delivering a talk there is insane.
Are you sure there wasn't just one in Dallas? … some place called SMU, I think.

P.S. The article, "Was Einstein a fake?" by John Farrell, from Cosmos magazine, is really very interesting and even the comments are … um … instructive. It also has a quote from frequent participant, Steve Carlip.

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