Sunday, April 01, 2007


Discovering Foolery

Well, those wild and craaazy guys over at the Discovery Institute have done it again! Following up on their brilliant satire on the pretentiousness of Federal Courts, featuring the vocal talents of Bill "Be a Clown" Dembski, they have now revealed that the whole of the recent postings by Dr. Michael Egnor was an elaborate hoax, perpetrated to show that Darwinists' expectations of the intelligence of ID advocates are so low, that they would actually believe that Egnor was a moron.

Over the past month I have engaged in what my friend Bill Dembski ludicly (sic) refers to as "street theatre". My posts here have been an outlandish parody of the bona fide Intelligent Design position, liberally injected with many of the more simplistic errors of the Young Earth Creationists. My purpose was to see how far we could go before the gullible Darwinists realized they were being taken for a ride.
I'm ashamed to admit I fell for the ruse, even after Bill let the cat out of the bag by revealing their strategy.

I for one will be happy to spread the word that the spokespeople at the Discovery Institute are masters at sly misdirection and clever parodies of science!

Once again, Happy All Fool's Day!

Via Pharyngula and The Panda's Thumb.

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