Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Good Cents

Chris Ho-Stuart, has long been one of the best posters at For example, see his article about Herman Muller's prediction, in 1918, that evolutionary processes would produce what Muller called "interlocking complexity" but which is, in fact, exactly the same phenomena that Michael Behe calls "irreducible complexity."

Anyway, Chris has a new blog that is well worth perusing, entitled Dua Quartunciae.

Sorry, Chris … this won't send your site meter through the roof the way PZ did.

Hey catshark; nice to find you in the blogsphere! Thanks for the plug.

My blog is still very new, and I'm wanting to clean up the design a bit. I got some advice on Latin for the title. I'm also looking around at other blogs for clues as to what works, and tweaking my template to get the effects I want.

You've got a nice layout here; my fonts are too small by comparison. I hope to be stealing some of your template ideas. And that nice quartuncia image! I'll be back here and reading as well.
It's good to see you here too. I always sought out and enjoyed your posts in and am looking forward to your blog.
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